June 15, 2018- Dr. Gallagher, a physician, Cheryl Pebbles, Grove City Medical Center’s trauma coordinator/registered nurse and Donna Anderson, volunteer at Grove City Medical Center, were recently honored with the Buhl Regional Health Foundation’s National Hospital Week award. The recipients each received $3,000 to be donated to their charity of choice: Dr. Gallagher chose the ROAR Center in Sharon, PA a newly formed organization helping with the opioid crisis and addiction, Pebbles selected Grove City Relay for Life in honor of her sister-in-law who lost her life to breast cancer, and Anderson’s gift will go to Young Life West-Penn, a Christian youth group to whichRead More →

Buhl Regional Health Foundation (BRHF) announces the third Grant Cycle beginning on June 11, 2018. Applicants that meet eligibility requirements can submit a Letter of Inquiry by July 6, 2018 via Buhl Regional Health Foundation’s online grant application. The Buhl Regional Health Foundation Online Grant Portal allows the BRHF staff, Grants Committee, and Board of Directors, who are responsible for recommending and approving grants for funding, a controlled and structured tool that will assist in guiding them through the grant review cycle timeline. Details about how to apply, an instructional video, and the link to log-in to the Grant Portal are available on the BRHFRead More →