What is the Buhl Regional Health Foundation (BRHF)?

A health foundation has an IRS designated status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides funding to support or establish initiatives which impact the health and wellness needs of a community. The mission of the Buhl Regional Health Foundation is:

“To identify and address the diverse health care needs of the greater Sharon Regional area.  Among the Foundation’s primary services will be promotion of collaborative partnerships and programs, and capacity building, and grants which will focus on and invest in all people impacted by health-related needs throughout their lives.”


What communities will BRHF serve?

The BRHF is required to serve the same communities as the former hospital. The Primary Service Area includes Clark, Farrell,  Greenville, Hermitage, Mercer, Sharon, Sharpsville, Transfer, West Middlesex and Wheatland in Pennsylvania and Brookfield, Hubbard and Masury in Ohio.


Who will determine which organizations receive funds and how much they receive?

The board of directors for the BRHF will approve a grants-making process with recommendations from the Grants Committee and foundation staff.


Who is on the BRHF board?

The board is comprised of individuals who represent diversity in profession, ethnicity, gender, age and community affiliation. A complete list of the board can be seen here.


How often will the BRHF award grants?

Most likely, grants will be awarded bi-annually in September and March with the exception of the first grant cycle in 2017 which will be in October. Grant amounts will be dependent on the scope and impact of the proposed program or initiative.  Any nonprofit organization with an IRS designated status as a 501(c)(3) may apply for a grant.


What types of programs or initiatives will the BRHF fund?

The types of grants and programs funded may vary each year, based on community input. Information from local agencies and health care providers who offer services to meet the health needs or the community. We will use data from state and national sources such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; the Ohio and PA Department of Health ; the Forum of October 2016 and the ongoing work of the action teams formed at the event.  We will be focusing on addressing mental and physical health needs as well as access to health care.


How can I help?

As an IRS designated 501(c) (3) organization, we are eligible to accept tax-exempt contributions.  Ask your attorney about planned giving.  Your input and feedback is also valuable.  The BRHF wants our community to be healthy.  If you can join us or have comments, please let us know!