Covid-19 Information & Resources

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, one of Buhl Regional Health Foundation’s greatest concerns is the health, wellness and safety of our community. We ask that you please join us by doing your part in maintaining social distance, wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently, staying home if you feel sick and getting your COVID-19 Vaccine.

Front Line Heroes

Help us recognize and honor local FRONT LINE HEROES who are going above and beyond in their service and care during the COVID-19 Pandemic!

Thank you for being a good neighbor

Our staff members are back in the office, although we ask that you contact us via email or by phone. The Buhl Regional Health Foundation office will remain closed to the public until further notice.

To our Grantees

We understand that COVID-19 may have interfered with current grants regarding scheduled activities and timelines. As necessary, we encourage you to make the required changes to postpone activities and plans. If in any way COVID-19 interrupted your ability to provide the services intended through a BRHF grant, please reach out to either Jennifer Barborak, Executive Director, or Kimberly Porsch, Director of Grantmaking, to discuss any changes or concerns. We will be flexible with interim and final reporting for any programs affected during this time period.

To Non-Profit Community Agencies

In the Spring of 2020, our funding strategy shifted from a traditional granting procedure to one that allowed us to quickly meet COVID-19 Emergency needs. Our COVID-19 Emergency Funding Process is available to local non-profit agencies. To date we have funded around $200,000 to meet the urgent needs of our community.

In The News

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