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The Buhl Regional Health Foundation is committed to improving the health and well-being of the neighbors we serve. We believe that through partnerships, education, and grant-making, we can creatively impact the quality of life in our communities.


We support the important work of non-profit agencies that strive to meet the needs of residents impacted by health-related needs in the greater Sharon regional area. We are all about listening, partnering, and providing resources for our grantees as we work together for healthier communities.


We connect the people of our community directly with area health care professionals to share information and education that will lead to better health outcomes. We believe that promoting healthy living in our region will lead to great health benefits for the people of our community.


We work to identify needs and collaborate with area agencies to foster partnerships and develop programming that promotes healthy living for the people of Mercer County. Many of our programs center especially on the health and wellbeing of children as we focus on improving the health outcomes of our area. 

buhl regional health foundation
buhl regional health foundation
buhl regional health foundation
buhl regional health foundation

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Our Focus ➔ Healthy Kids

Focusing on the children

Buhl Regional Health Foundation envisions a healthy and prosperous community, built upon collaborative efforts which address health disparities and focus on overcoming inequities.

“People like to say that children’s health is our nation’s wealth, but until we really start to act on these ideas...we will not get to being a healthier population and a more prosperous society.” 

We will fund youth-centric health initiatives designed to prevent poor health outcomes.

We will create collaborative programming models that improve the health of children.

We will provide the resources for healthy children to become healthy adults.


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