Wellness Education

At Buhl Regional Health Foundation, we believe that promoting healthy living in our region will allow for the greatest health benefits to the largest number of people.

Working at the community level allows us to identify and address gaps in health and wellness caused by inequities (differences) in income, education, race, ethnicity, location, and other factors. We encourage you to gain knowledge that will help you to make the most informed decisions about your health. Creating a healthy community starts with you.

Monthly Health Chats

Each month, we are connecting with our community’s health professionals for answers to important health questions that impact you!

For more information or if you would like to be added to our contact list, please email us at info@buhlrhf.org.


Thank you to WKBN for partnering with us to share these monthly health chats with our communities. 

More videos from Brhf

Visit our YouTube Channel for more great educational content including past Lunch and Learns, seminars and more!


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