Front Line Heroes

Buhl Regional Health Foundation is recognizing and honoring local FRONT LINE HEROES who are going above and beyond in their service and care during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Help us by nominating your front line hero today!

Do you know a grocery clerk who is going the extra mile? A healthcare provider who works tirelessly for her patients? An administrator who is beyond helpful? A teacher who always puts his student’s needs first? Nominate them to be recognized as a Front Line Hero!

Congratulations to all our Front Line Hero Nominees

We salute these individuals who have been nominated by their neighbors and friends as going above and beyond in caring for our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you!

*Every italicized name below has been a drawing winner. Congratulations!

Adam Critchlow
Rev. Adam Trambley
Althea Curry
Amanda Cope
Amanda DeRaps
Amanda Pinter
Amanda Roeder
Amiee Matthews
Amy Allen
Amy Reed
Andrea Quarles
Andrea Yuran
Angel Campman
Angelia Sherman and staff of the Shenango Valley Animal Shelter
Angila Boothe
Ann Morrison
Annette Clark
Anthony Martwinski
Ariana Riffe
Ashleigh Triplett
Ashley Beck
Ashley Bell
Ashley Gory
Ashley McCracken
Ashely Triplett
Barb Harper
Barbara Higgans
Bernadette White
Bob Hoagland
Bob Lark
Bradford Walters
Brenda Ivan
Carla Lee
Casey Rose
Cassie Reed
Cathy Womer
Chris Thrasher
Christie Moore
Christine Kover
Cindy Durst
Cody Augustine
Cristina Campman-Silvestri

Dana Burick
Dana Christy
Dana Eade
Darlene Washington
Dr. Dean Petrucci
Debbie Griffith
Deborah Gavins
Debra Bailey
Diana Allen
Dino Stigliano
Elias Shattahi
Employees of Mercer County Community Federal Credit Union
Eric Jewell
Frank Jannetti
Frank Tascione
Gail Lehman
Gary Byers
Dr. George Garrow
Green Street Primary Care Staff
Helen Augustine
Helen Walker
Jacob Billak
James Drake
James Harris
James Morrison
James Potase
James Reda
Jamie McNeish
Jan Penniman
Janice Hornyak
Janice Neider
Jason Kmick
Jeff Chaffee
Jennifer Darby
Jennifer Faraglia
Jennifer Wallace
Jesse Clark
Jessica Tedesco
Jim Drake
Jodi Shrawder
Josh Herald
Joshua Schibik

Joy Staples
Kathleen Young
Kathy Ross
Dr. Kevin McDade
Kerry Horvath
Khara Krivosh
Kimberly Reiter
Kristie Lenz
Laura Stull
Laurie Parillo
Lee Ann Hougleman
Linda Anton
Lindsey Ranelli
Lisa Fox
Lisa Italia
Lisa Tovcimak
Lynda Liszweski
Mackayla Kroll
Maggie Torr
Marilyn Chewar
Mark Arnold
Mary Ann Messina
Mary Elizabeth Suddoth
Dr. Mary Tanyel
Matthew May
McGonigle Ambulance
Megan Jewell
Melani Marshall
Melissa Baron
Melissa Sanders
Mercer County 911 Dispatchers
Michael Nelson
Michelle D’Antoni
Michelle Dosch
Michelle Kilgore
Michelle Mccown
Dr. Michelle Thompson
Mike Ion
Mike Martin
Neil Hosick
Nick Dickum
Nicole Fenton
Nikki Conti

Pamela Blair
Pastor Terry Harrison
Patti Bechtel
Patty LaRocca
Patty Shaffer
Patty Summers
Paul Elia
Paul Oberst
Prince of Peace Center Team
Priscilla Kovach
Rachel Wallace
Rachelle Graff
Raeann Erdesky
Randy Clark
Rebekah Kennedy
Robin Knight
Ron Gracilla
Ronald Barnes
Rose Alessio
Sandra Scott
Sara Foster
Sara Miller
Sarah Zets
Sheila Constantino
Sheila Jewell
Stacy D’Urso
Stacy Gaggini
Stanislav Byshenko
Steve Sherman
Susan Saunders
Susan Vinroe
Tara Heasley
Taylor Christy
Teresa Trontel
Terri Muscurella
Tiffany Heaney
Tracy Swogger
Tricia Millan
Valarie Amabile
Vince Gerello
Wendy Reno
Yvonne Harkless


The Buhl Regional Health Foundation is accepting nominations for the award on a rolling basis through June 30, 2022. Submit your nomination online anytime!

As we collect nominations, we will draw a winner every week to be awarded a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant. It’s a small way we are saying THANK YOU to our Front Line Heroes for their service and dedication to our community.


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