Forum 2016 Summary

December 14, 2016

buhl-regional-forum-w-dateOn October 19, 2016 nearly 170 community leaders, representing 94 agencies and organizations for around the Buhl region participated in a first-of-its-kind Community Forum held at the Penn State Shenango campus in Sharon, PA.

The event featured national and regional speakers as well as a panel of local leaders; presentations focused on 95-percentthe social determinants of health and the role of Foundations in supporting broader community health. Attendees shared their thoughts regarding a vision for the region, what it will take to successfully work together in the future, as well as input regarding the best roles for the Buhl Regional Health Foundation (BRHF).

brhf_forum_005Attendees provided feedback at five input stations regarding their vision for the community, next steps, shared values and roles they’d like to see for the Buhl Regional Health Foundation. They also gave input on community assets, challenges and opportunities across a range of issues involving healthy 97-percentresidents, strong families and thriving communities.

Overall, the responses from attendees indicated that they liked the speakers and panelists, networking and collaboration, the opportunity to give input, and the fact that it was well organized the most.

The attendees wanted more information on our community in the form of data and research and workshops on alliances and mergers with other nonprofit organizations.


In summary, the group felt the best role for the BRHF would be as a

  • Convener and connector
  • Facilitator/supporter of collaboration and coordination
  • Leader/catalyst for change and innovation
  • Funder
  • Educator and provider of information
  • A change maker; creating and generating outcomes


Eighty seven people asked to be included in a future working group aimed at continuing this important work for our community. BRHF invites them and all participants to a findings review on January 20, 2017 at Penn State Shenango Auditorium from 8am – 10am..  For information and to register, please email Kimberly. 



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