Fall 2017 Grant Cycle Awards $172,000 to Area Non-Profits

February 7, 2018

Buhl Regional Health Foundation: Growing a health conversion foundation to serve its community

Buhl Regional Health Foundation (BRHF) is currently reviewing its Spring 2018 Grant Cycle and will approve its second round of grant requests on March 22, 2018. Grants will be awarded by the end of March.  Those with an open invitation to apply for a grant through the online Grant Portal are non-profit community agencies that share in the BRHF mission “to identify and address the diverse health care needs of the greater Sharon regional area.”

Sixty-three Letters of Inquiry have been submitted since the Grant Portal was launched in July, 2017. On Wednesday, November 1, 2017, eight community non-profit agencies received grants totaling $172,000 from BRHF.  Agencies, their programs, and grant awards were:

—Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mahoning Valley, Site-based Mentoring Program, awarded $5,000.

—Buhl Community Recreation Center, Buhl Child Development Center, awarded $75,000.

—Family Services of NW PA, FSNWPA Re-entry Program, awarded $10,000.

—Farrell Area School District, Farrell Backpack Program, awarded $12,500.

—Mercer County Communities that Care, Community Mobilizer, awarded $22,500.

—Mercer County Criminal Justice Advisory Board, Crisis Intervention Team, awarded $17,000.

—Potential Development, PD’s Place, awarded $5,000.

—UPMC Horizon Community Health Foundation, Medical Equipment Recycling Program, awarded $25,000.

Forum participants pushing through barriers of thinking.

The primary objectives of BRHF are the promotion of collaborative partnerships and programs, capacity building for organizations currently addressing health needs, and grants that will focus on and invest in all people impacted by health-related needs.  The BRHF office is managed by a staff of three, supported by an eighteen-member Board of Directors.

A second annual BRHF Fall Health Forum was presented to the community at the auditorium at Penn State, Shenango Campus in partnership with Mercer County Behavioral Health and Shenango Valley Chamber of Commerce on November 16, 2017. Through a creative thinking lecture and workshop with Dr. Roger Firestien, the participants built on principles, perspectives, and ideas for community health impact that had been previously discussed and collected at the BRHF Fall Health Forum in 2016.

Looking ahead to 2018, approximately seventy-five active participants in our community will join us for Action Team meetings. Identified health focus areas for the teams are: Transportation, Addiction, Mental Health, Healthy Food, and Communication & Connecting Resources.  The ideas that were created through community research, both forums, and last year’s action team discussions are the building blocks we hope to develop into strategies and special projects that will help positively impact our region’s access to healthcare and mental & physical well-being.  With collaborative structure and engagement among our community’s change agents, we hope to be a catalyst to bring the insights of our local organizations together. Our goal is to provide the environment and tools for the leaders of the agencies to collaborate in providing community initiatives that promote health and well-being.

BRHF looks forward to hosting collaborative and capacity-building efforts for those in the community who share in our mission.

To further provide capacity building for our community that promotes partnership in the mission and goals of BRHF, a specialized Grant Writing Class will be offered Tuesdays in March. The class content will be progressive throughout the month.  They will focus on BRHF’s Grant Application Process, and they are being offered specifically to those who have interest in applying for a BRHF grant.

The Fall 2018 Grant Cycle kicks-off for Letter of Inquiry submissions on June 18. To learn more about Buhl Regional Health Foundation and its grant application process, go to www.buhlregionalhealthfoundation.org.

Buhl Regional Health Foundation, 701 Pierce Ave, Suite 1, Sharpsville, PA 16150 – 724-418-2750 



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